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Borderlands the Pre Sequel Borderlands the Pre Sequel Review

By admin on November 9, 2014

Borderlands the pre sequel explains the back-story of one of the most antagonizing characters in Borderlands 2, which is handsome jack. It shows his rise to power from just a low level employee named Jack, to becoming Handsome Jack. The game introduces players plenty of non playable characters that are going to help them in their quest. They are as cool as their friends on Pandora. These non playable characters include Janey Springs, who has a charming personality and takes on the engineering duty. Although, it is not match to Scooter Can and how he commands any scene he is in.

Pickle is the character that takes the role of the child genius, who rivals the unstable and the hilarious character from Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina. There is also Nurse Nina, who is the replacement of Dr. Ned, and she makes a great addition to the gaming cast as she is a very imposing woman with a strong character that is copulated with a Russian Accent. She has a passion for medicine that is accompanied by a weird satisfaction and a feeling of joy when she witnesses the suffering of people around her. Players will also see two old vault hunters, Roland and Lilith. Their appearance is limited to sitting at Moxxi’s bar. On the other hand, there is a reason for them being there, but it is only revealed much later. Still, it is quite devastating to see such prominent gaming characters fading into the background of the game during most of the game play.

Four New Playable Vault Hunters

The game introduces 4 new playable characters, the 4 vault hunters. These new characters come packed with a great set of action skills that are designed to either hinder or aid in battles against an enemy mob of machines, humans or monsters alike. The first one is Athena, the gladiator, she has a shield that can absorb a lot of incoming damage before she is hurled back which results in a kinetic energy explosion. Another character is the enforcer, Wilhelm who can call on two robot allies that can fly; they are called Saint and Wolf. Wolf showers the enemy with missiles and gunfire as saint hovers around Wilhelm to heal him to allow him to stay longer in battle mode. They can also be quite helpful while players need to do a tactical retreat as one robot can keep the enemies busy as the other one heals him to help him survive the retreat.

Nisha is the gunslinger who can automatically target enemy units as she earns boosts in her fire rate, reload speed, bullet speed, accuracy and damage, which makes it a force to be reckoned with. The last vault hunter is Claptrap the fragtrap, he has the most entertaining and interesting action skill of the 4 hunters. He can scan the area with his Vault hunter program and chooses a skill that will best suit the current situation. This skill can be one of the skills of the other vault hunters or they can be his own if players put points in the fragmented frag trap path that will increase the fire rate of the weapons or he can turn into a rolling bomb.

The Gaming Environment at Moon Elpis

The moon Elpis is a scarred and a treacherous rock that comes with an amazing and a scary set of challenges and plenty of dangers that players will have to overcome. Players will always have to be carrying a steady supply of O2 by using Oz or O2 kits with them. The problem is that Oz kits are not unlimited, so players have to pay attention to their oxygen supply so they don’t end up gasping for air to breath.

The new weapons and the low gravity setting is a very welcoming twist to the usual gaming environment and combat formula of borderlands. The combat does not even slow down with the zero gravity setting, in fact, the loss of gravity  makes the battle more exciting and new. Players will leap high into the air then slamming back onto the ground to stomp enemies, which is a great and a unique way of injuring multiple enemies at the same time. In fact, once you do it once, you will notice how intoxicating as you fly through the air while raining hellfire on your enemies with your stomp.


  • The game has a unique game play and a new environment
  • Four new vault hunters
  • New weapons and skill sets


  • It does not offer a drastically different gaming formula than other Borderland games
  • The game play is quite confusing at the beginning, with the zero gravity
  • The story behind Handsome Jack is not as exciting as the character itself


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