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Free Play Free Slots Online | Evil Within Reviewed by Free Play Free Slots Online

At the very center of the Evil Within is Sebastian Castellanos. Sebastian is a detective who is called and tasked to investigate greatly gruesome and vicious murders that occurred in a local hospital for the mentally insane. The brief calming time and the small preamble leading up to that investigation is all of the calm that this game will offer, this is because from the moment Sebastian Castellanos starts finding his way through the mental institution, he will find himself tumbling through a twisted and a vicious story that involves gruesome monsters and supernatural apparitions, which puts players in a world filled with a infinite series of nightmare-like situations.

The story is terrifying, scary and will keep players at the edge of your seat, but that does not mean that it is a Grade A story, but it gets the job done. It brings back the spirit of early survival games, it is genuine and can get its point across.


Sebastian Castellanos – The Protagonist

Castellanos is seemingly a wooden character, and can come out as an uninteresting protagonist. He is a gruff cop who has a dark and a haunting past, which is quite obvious from one of the lines that he says during the game play “I have to stay strong, but the problem that it is easy to drown my thoughts in alcohol”. As for the game’s plot, it is meandering with the constant jumping, in and out of the tormented visions of Sebastian Castellanos. It is sometimes overused, and it can become a routine activity.

The Gaming World

The game’s world might lack context, but it surely does not lack any impact. This foundation is what this survival horror game is built upon. The developers use light and shadow in such a chilling way that comes accompanied by menacing and scary audio effects. Combine that with the scary visuals and the game surroundings, and players will find themselves wandering in a world that can make their heart skip a couple of beats with ease. This can happen whether players are exploring the hospital ward that has haunted overturned wheel chairs and walls that are splattered with thick red blood, or when they are exploring one of the most weathered horror settings, the creepy and scary mansion. The Evil Within game manages to transport players through a varied assortment of locations with one theme that will tie all of these places together, which is an absolutely scary sense of dark and morbid atmosphere.


A Brutal and a Monstrous Experience

The game offers a lot more than just eerie sounds and sights, this is because The Evil Within has a great selection of grotesque monsters that are going to take advantage of any chance in order to cut you into pieces, limb by limb. There are the almost human monsters that player will come across during the first chapters as they use hatchets and dynamite. These monsters are like zombies who are super charged with power. As players progress in the game, they will come across nasty and quite challenging monsters. This is why, no matter how far players go, they should always know that death is waiting for them around the corner.


  • An eerie environment that fits the horror survival theme
  • Grotesque monsters and supernatural beings
  • Brings up the spirit of classic survival horror games


  • The story is not that strong
  • A lot of plot holes
  • The narration can be quite boring and repetitive
  • The protagonist character can be uninteresting


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