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Free Play Free Slots Online | The Magicious Free Online Casino Slots Review - Free Play Free Slots Online

The Magicious Review

By admin on October 14, 2014

If you are a fan of magic shows and like to watch magicians as they perform their magic tricks, whether it be real magic, tricks or sleight of hand, then this is the video slot machine that you should be playing.

This 5 reeled, 10 paylined free online casino slots game named The Magicious invites players to accompany a magician and his beautiful wife who is also his assistant on stage as they perform magical tricks that players will surely enjoy. The best thing about these magical tricks is that they give great rewards. So players will not only enjoy the magical and the entertaining theme of the game, as they would also be able to earn plenty of high paying rewards. They can earn these payouts through the line payouts by forming winning combos or though the game’s special symbols and features. So if you are into magic shows, then you will certainly enjoy the game, as well as the great rewards that it has to offer you.

Gaming Procedure

The Magicious Review 1The game’s procedure, like any other slot machine, starts off by placing a bet. Players can place these bets as they click on the Bet Button under the reels. Instead of giving players multiple options that can sometimes confuse them, the game gives players a number of fixed bets that they can choose from. The available betting values that can be selected start at 0.1 credits per spin and ends at 100 credits per spin. This wide betting range allows both, novice players with a small gambling budget as well as veteran high rollers to enjoy the game.

After players have placed the bet, they will be able to start the game by clicking on the “Spin” button so the 5 reels will start spinning on the 10 lines of the game so players can start enjoying the ride and claiming the great pays that the game has in store for them.

There is also the Auto Play button that can be found next to the Spin button. By clicking on it, players will view the different Auto Play options that the game has. These options allows them to pick from a fixed number of spins after placing the bets so they can kick back and watch the reels as they spin. The number of spins includes 5, 10, 25, 50 and up to 5000 spins. Of course, players can stop the auto play spins at any time during the game play.

Also, on the left hand side of the control panel, players will see their balance, so they can keep an eye on their credits and track their wins and losses with ease.

The Visuals of the Game

The Magicious Review 2The game is offered in amazing visuals and 3D symbols that manage to create an awesome gaming experience that is visually satisfying and captivating. Players will see that the reels of the game are located on top of stage where the magic show is taking place with the magician and his assistant on the two sides of the 5 reels. As for the symbols themselves they come in 3D visuals of magic boxes of different colors.
Even the spinning of the symbols will satisfy the players visually as it is smooth and immersive at the same time and helps in creating the magical environment that the game is trying to convey to its players.

The Payouts and the Special Features

The Magicious Review 3The game has the special Two Ways format, which means that the game pays both ways, so players can earn a payout whenever they form a winning combo from the left to the right, or from the right to the left. A winning combo is a combo of symbols that has at least 3 matching symbols adjacent to each other on a payline.

The different pays that each symbol can give can be viewed at the paytable of the game that players can open by clicking on the options button.

Apart from the winning combos, the game has an expanding wild feature. The wild symbol is the magical purple ball that will land on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th reel, when that happens, it is going to expand to cover the reel in order to give players plenty of winning chances. Not only that, as it will also trigger 1 re spins so players can have another chance of winning with the wild reel being fixed in its position with a maximum of 3 re spins.


  • A magical theme
  • Pays two Ways (left to right and right to left)
  • Expanding Wild Feature with re spins
  • 3D Visuals


  • No bonus rounds
  • No Free spins
  • Players don’t have many options when it comes to placing bets


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