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Titan Fall Titan Fall Review

By admin on November 9, 2014

Titanfall is a great game that combines fast paced action with futuristic weaponry, and without a doubt, one of the main attractions of this game is none other than the Titan. This is why as a new player at the game and after playing a couple of rounds, there is one phase that surely induces an adrenaline rush response when heard, it is none other than “Your Titan Is Now Ready”. After hearing that phrase, players will look at the sky to watch their own twenty foot tall robot make a glorious entrance to the battle field from heaven. It also means that players will soon transition from controlling a solider powered with a wall running jetpack to control a much bigger and a more effective machinery, the titan. The Titan is a walking robot that bullies its way into battle as it kicks, punches and destroys enemies all around it. Some people might say that it is just another Call of Duty Game but with mechs, they are wrong, very wrong, as the game combines between Titans and soldiers giving each of them their pros and cons, which results in a glorious battlefield that is fun, exciting and adrenaline rushing. It also has an invigorating first person shooter multi player environment that players will never have enough of.

Multiplayer Oriented Gaming

Unlike other games such as Battlefield or call of duty, Titanfall purely depends on its awesome six vs. six multiplayer gaming mode as players can never play the game alone, unless they want to try out the tutorial, which can be quite helpful to new players. Therefore, players will always be dependent on a connection to the dedicated servers of Microsoft to play the game.

David Vs. Goliath?

One thing that makes this game unique is the balance that it has. This is because once you get your titan and get empowered by its size, armor and weapons, you can feel indestructible and undefeatable, just like Goliath. Like the original story, David has more than a fighting chance. For example, the soldiers (called pilots) have plenty of abilities and gadgets that can give them the upper hand while going against a metal giant. There is the Cloaking ability which renders them nearly invisible to the titans. There is also the Stims ability that gives the pilots temporary speed that they can use to jump and chase or run away from titans with ease.

Not only that, as pilots can even go toe to toe with these giants as with a simple double tap of the jumping button, players will maneuver their way up to the shoulder of the titan so they can pop the hood and shot its brains out. This is, in fact, one of the most exciting gaming moves players can do, as much as it is fun to go into a titan vs. titan battle, going in against something much larger and powerful, like a mortal fighting a god can be quote intoxicating. Of course, to every move, there is a counter move as there is the pilot bug zapper that will shake off any enemies who are trying to mount the titan, there is also the Electrical Smoke that distracts and allows the titan to escape its end.

Another thing that is pretty unique about this game is the fluidity and the smooth experience that players will feel whenever they are playing the game. It is the natural feel of movement that makes all of the difference, whether players are dashing around the battlefield using the metal giants or if they are wall running around the map with their jetpack fueled pilots.

Not only one Titan, but Three

The game has three different Titan types; each type has its own perks and abilities. For players who want to go toe to toe with other titans, the Ogre with its tripe threat grenade launcher is the best way to go. They can use the Particle Wall force field to protect themselves from any coming hostility from one side while packing a devastating weapon. The counter to that is the Stryder, which is nimble and fast and can really run circles around the Ogre with ease. The last type is the Atlas titan, it has a unique 40mm cannon that can be quiet beneficial during long and short ranged battles.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Smooth gaming environment
  • It has metal giants, who does not love that?
  • Balanced game play


  • No single player mode
  • Has to always be connected to Microsoft’s Servers
  • Higher leveled players can easily squash low leveled ones


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